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From: Doug Batt <>
Subject: TMG-L: Married Names
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2000 20:26:44 -0500

Hello all:

Is there a way to automatically insert index entries for married names into
narrative reports? I'd like to have index entries for both birth names and
married names for a person wherever that person is cited in a report.

The only way I've come up with to index by the married name at all is to
include the married name tag in the data to be written to the report, but
this ends up giving me text such as "Jane Doe married John Smith on 1 Jan
2000. Her married name as of 1 Jan 2000 was Jane Smith." which is pretty
silly, especially when repeated for every woman in the report.

Also, any mentions of Jane Doe (Smith) on other pages of the report will
lack index entries for the married name on that page unless I go into the
word processor, manually find each case in the report and paste in the
appropriate index marker, which is highly error-prone.

Is there a solution that I've missed? If not, this might be another one
for the wish list - perhaps a checkbox option.



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