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From: <>
Subject: Re: TMG-L: Picklist Wish List
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2000 10:04:18 EST

What about another configuration option that would allow people to choose
just which fields they show on the picklist? That way people could pick and
choose like they do for reports, and get the information THEY want shown,
customizing it to fit THEIR screen.

Even if this option were limited to a relatively few items, it could make the
program more useful.

In addition to the current fields, it might be nice to be able to pick from:
Birth Place city/state/country
Death Place city/state/country
Father given name
Mother name, or at least her given name
Marriage Date / and Place
Spouse name

The last two would require a change to the main program to allow only one
"primary" marriage, sort of like where you have both Birth and
Baptism/Christening information but only one can be marked as the "primary".
This, however, would be more difficult because there would be times when one
of the spouses had only one marriage, and for that person you would still
want the marriage as primary for them even if for the other spouse it might
be a secondary marriage.

So that brings up the question of whether the primary designation is attached
to the event itself, or to the link between the person and the event. If it
is attached to the link, then it would be easier to accomplish. If it is
attached to the event, then it would require that the program put it on the
link instead.

Playing around with the program suggests that the primary is on the link, but
only Bob can verify that question.
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