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From: Karla Huebner <>
Subject: TMG-L: Information about places
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2000 21:37:40 -0500

I do something similar. The way I separate my place-people from human
people is via a Flag that gives a choice of P or L (Person or Location). P
is the default. Then I usually put the county in the surname field, the
town or parish in the given name. Otherwise I do the same regards creating
a history about the location via tags. I don't have many of these but I do
find them useful in creating local histories of places my family has lived.

Karla Huebner

Message text written by INTERNET:
I handle this by having a group of 'people' who actually are
locations. Their 'surnames' all start with PL/PR_ (standing for place or
property); the 'Given name' is always an asterisk - for example:

* PL/PR_Burnley refers to the town of Burnley in Lancashire (England)

The full range of tags can then be used to build up a wealth of data about
a location, which has no connection with any one particular individual -
for example the history of the town or the farm, previous owners,
etc.. Additional tags can be created to deal with data which is more about

'local history' than 'family history'. The various Place fields are also
completed within each tag entry (i.e. Detail, City, etc.)

- David Murray -

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