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From: "Wolfgang Fred Rump" <>
Subject: Re: TMG-L: Information about places
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2000 00:27:12 -0500

On 8 Jan 00, at 17:23, Lee Hoffman/KY wrote:

> Maybe I shouldn't reply to this, but I will.

That's what the list is there for right?
> First, why would not American users be concerned about the situation.
> Sure, a few family historians are do most of their research outside of
> the U.S. (meaning maybe their parents and at least grandparents were
> not American-born).

I really don't know the answer to your question but it seems to
come up again and again from our foreign users. It's been a few
years now and places still comes up in the ongoing discussions.

>But the vast majority go back a couple of
> generations before finding a non-U.S. born ancestor. I for one have
> gathered a great deal of information about the areas in the U.S. where
> my ancestors lived. And I have some information about places where my
> progenitors in England, Wales, Germany, France, Scotland, and Italy
> lived.

That's how it should be but the depth of research in foreign
countries is typically not as thorough as what we can find here. I
would venture to say that most Americans consider themselves
lucky to be able to make the jump to foreign lands. All we need to
do is to look at the many databases where we find but the vaguest
reference to some foreign land and seldom the actual village. Even
if this exists, it's historical and political connectivity is often
guesswork or wrong. I think that a lot of this descriptive failure
comes from early GEDCOM specifications which gave short shrift
to such historical matters. We need to remember that the LDS had
other reasons than historical for doing their genealogy and we
pretty much followed their design for better or worse.

> Secondly, as for whether GEDCOM requires it or not has nothing to do
> with the question. Bob included the GEDCOM capability because others
> wanted it.

It's a limitation but without it we have no standard at all. Without
GEDCOM TMG would have gone by the wayside a long time ago
and I think we all know that. It's simply a necessity for any program
to have in order to survive in the marketplace.

> If it were up to me (and a few others), GEDCOM would be completely
> tosed
> out of all programs (something better is available -- GenBridge). But
> I don't have any say on that, and it does help some people that don't
> have anything else.

None of us can really toss GEDCOM. It's both a limitation and a

> Thirdly, Bob can only put so much in a single program without the
> program becoming so unweidly that no one gets any use out of it. Bob
> can make a program that is like a swiss-army knife. But keep in mind
> that while the multi-function knife may have many different features,
> only one or two may be used at the same time.

Yes, that is a problem. Note any windows program which has gone
through a few years of version releases. Still, we now have different
hardware from when all this started and there is still no end to more
power and size on the hardware front. I would say let the software
grow and the user will get the required hardware.

> Now I am not saying that I wouldn't find a additional capability for
> place-related information useful. To the contrary, I would. However,
> for the moment (I don't know what the future will bring from Bob), I
> am satified to make use of what TMGW offers now -- including the
> capability to do things like David has done.

That's all any of can do, right? Hope is eternal. I just hope we all
hang around long enough to see what TMG will eventually become.
:-) Like you say yourself: it's been a while.


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Naples, FL 34114

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