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From: "Mills" <>
Subject: TMG-L: Re: How to cite "educational" sources
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 17:14:19 -0600

Patsy K. wrote:
<have just begun the monumental job of entering source information. How do
others handle sources for the tags of Education or Graduation? I am using
the source categories of Elizabeth Mills but see none which come close to
what I want. . . . For my daughter and my husband I know [the details]
because I wrote the checks to pay the tuition, etc. <g.>

Patsy --

How about just plain "personal knowledge"? If this situation doesn't fit
that label, I can't imagine what would!

As for any other "diplomas or class rosters" : (1) If the diploma is an
original family memento, then it would be cited as any other memento would
be -- an example in Evidence! being the family photograph in private
possession. (2) If a photocopy of the diploma or class roster comes to you
from an archive, then you would cite it as a manuscript from an archive --
meaning that you have to identify the document (by name/number), the
collection (by name/number), the repository, etc. (3) If a photocopy of a
class roster came to you from an archive that simply attached the photocopy
to the letter but didn't identify its own source, then you would cite the
letter, adding appropriate detail about the attached photocopy under
"citation detail."

Elizabeth Shown Mills

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