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From: Bob Geldart <>
Subject: Re: TMG-L: printing repository name in footnotes
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 19:14:07 -0800

At 10:51 AM 01/10/2000 -0500, Bill J. wrote:

>>... Normally a repository would
>>be a building, library, government agency, or some entity that owns or
>>holds a collection of records or even a single record. For example, the
>>repository for many federal goverment records is the National Archive and
>>Records Administration. If you reference a microfilm of some church
>>records from the LDS Church Library, the repository would be the LDS
> I have accessed my Swedish records through microfilms from the LDS library
> in SLC. At first I put that as the repository, but then though better(?)
> of it, and after talking with someone, I don't remember who, and changed
> it to be the Landsarkivet in Vadstena, or Lund, or Gvteborg, since these
> places are where the records really are. Similarly for the Norwegian records
> in the various Statsarkivet locations.

I would disagree. Unless you have actually seen the records in the Nowegian
locations, I would leave the sources as you originally saw them, with a
notation in the citation detail that these records are also believed to
exist in Statsarkivet locations; or, that the ultimate source of the LDS
records is know to be Statsarkivet records.

Realize that the citation details -- volume, page, record -- are likely to
be different from what you might have recorded from LDS, and that if one
were looking in Norway it may be a completely new search.

And, finally, you have found the records at LDS, but you cannot say
absolutely that the "various Statsarkivet locations" are "places are where
the records really are" unless you have actually seen them there, in which
case that WOULD be your source repository. Records get burned, flooded,
misplaced, and even stolen.

Just my comments. :-)


Maynard, MA
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