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From: "Kathryn Bassett" <>
Subject: TMG-L: Archive FAQ (was TMG v5.0 - PLEASE READ ME)
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 22:13:29 -0800

> ok.. where is this list archived?? If it addresses all interface issues
> seen mentioned in the last year it's worth waiting TWO years for! <G>

Time for the FAQ on the archive that is at Rootsweb (which is easier to use
than the archive at

A subscribe or unsubscribe message to TMG at Rootsweb will do nothing but
bounce because it is a closed list for the sole purpose of archiving the
messages. Here is the FAQ that tells more about this:

With the permission and cooperation of TMG-L listmaster Tim Doyle, the TMG
list is now being archived at Rootsweb. I won't explain the technicalities
of how this is being done, but suffice to say there is a closed TMG list
that is now receiving the messages. The first messages to be
archived are dated 22 July 1999, so don't expect to find older messages.
(Please don't ask me how to subscribe, you can't. This is an archive only.
However, in the works is the incorporating of over 2000 back messages).
There are two ways to search the list:

One way is the regular archive. Go to: and type TMG in the box.
Then you can search by the words you wish. There are examples on the page,
but for now, try the word accent and you will find more than half dozen
messages with the word accent in them.

The other way is the threaded archives. Go to:
You will have to get yourself a username and password, so make note of it to
use again. If you already have a username and password for using on Rootsweb
threaded archives, you use the same one. (If you forget, just make another).
When more months have been archived, you will choose what month you want to
search, and even year. So six months from now, if you think "hmm, I think
that accent discussion thread was about in July", you can click on July to
find the thread.

Have fun experimenting. And keep in mind that these two ways of searching
are available with most (not all) Rootsweb lists, so just substitute the
name of the pertinant list for TMG-L on the threaded archives (the listname
part of URL has to be uppercase).

Tim has not decided at this point if he is going to have the subscription
process transferred over to Rootsweb, so please, no questions on "how do I
subscribe?" If that time comes, we will work behind the scenes to get
everyone transferred over. ***At this point, this has been done solely for
making an archive that is easier to use than the majordomo archive.*** A big
thank you to Tim for allowing this archive to be made, and to Rootsweb for
hosting it.

By the say, in case you aren't subbed to the doit version of TMG,
Send an e-mail to with 'SUBSCRIBE TMG-L'

A plug for Rootsweb: A very small percentage (less than 10%) of Rootsweb
users contribute funds to this wonderful FREE genealogy tool. The main page
Please read what Rootsweb is about, and click on the "Contribute to RootsWeb
and Support Internet Genealogy" link to make a contribution of your own.

Kathryn Rhinehart Bassett (Pasadena CA)
"Genealogy is my bag" "GH is my soap"


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