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From: Greg Lovelace <>
Subject: TMG-L: Another wish-list item
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 11:13:52 -0500

Hi, folks.

Can you stand another one? <grin>

I use a CD writer to store all my pictures and scanned documents for
external TMG exhibits as files on a CD. I also use multiple computers, and
they are not all mine. I would lke to be able to change the path to the
CD-ROM on a global basis so that, no matter what computer I am running TMG
on, I can easily display exhibits without changing the settings on an
exhibit-by-exhibit basis. This might be impractical, especially if someone
uses several different paths to external exhibits. But, if all my exhibits
are stored on CD, and my host doesn't want me to change his computer
settings (ie, CD drive letter) so I can show him all the neat stuff I have,
this would allow me to tell the program where my exhibits reside.

Another thing about CD-writers..... The machines are using 32-bit
characteristics such as long filenames, while good ol' TMG is still
recognizing only 16-bit 8.3 DOS names. I realize this will change in v5,
and I just wanted Bob et al to know that I am anxiously waiting for that.
Seems that every time I edit a CD (CDs contain 675 Mbyte capacity, so it
take a while to fill one) by adding more files, the DOS 8.3 filenames
change! Plays havoc with the pointers in TMG to those files. So I'm
waiting on v5 to begin re-attaching my exhibits.

OK...I've rambled long enough. Thanks for the ear......

Part of the Tree,
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