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From: bob gillis <>
Subject: Re: storing Places and Names [was: Re: TMG-L: Citations and Sureties...]
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2000 18:12:23 -0500

Wolfgang Fred Rump wrote:

> > But the labels have no meaning except to indicate the relative size of
> > a place and that isn't even required as one could put the country into
> > the Deatil field and reverse the order of entry. This might give some
> > rather odd reports unless that is the normal display of such
> > infomation of a place outside of the TMG.
> Lee,
> it is your last sentence that is the problem. The data maybe be
> stored in 5 contiguous fields and the room is not the problem but
> the description is fixed and that is the problem. It doesn't matter so
> much about the screens even though this too could be made
> flexible by person/event with some better coding.
Fred, the field name is now fixed. Maybe that will change. However the
field names do _not_ print in reports for external use.

Yes TMG is Englishcentric. However I think BobV is putting his efforts
to improve other areas of the program.


> But the more difficult project is to define the place itself either
> within or without the basic dataset. If I may take use an example
> for Oldenburg. For a long time there was only a Grafschaft
> Oldenburg, then came the Herzogtum and then the
> Großherzogtum. The dates are important so that any event which
> occurred during that time and place would use the proper
> description without the user having to reference the history books
> each time to find out just what the place was called at that
> moment. You do the research once and enter it into the computer
> and he knows the rest. That's what computers (ie software) are
> supposed to do.

The recommended convention for place names is to use the name as it was
at the time of the event.

> Similar scenarios could be painted for US states which were not
> states but territories etc or for counties which split from one large
> to several smaller ones. I don't think the concept is that difficult to
> understand. It is basically bound by a set of dates for a proper
> location name.

The amount of programming for a genealogy data base to _know_ what place
to have by the date would be enormous.

bob gillis

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