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From: "Stuart Armstrong" <>
Subject: TMG-L: Multiple Sources
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2000 16:45:01 -0700

Emery C. Daly wrote:

... When you have
several sources that bear upon a specific item should all be shown or only
the "best" one? This assumes that the best one covers all the information
contained in the several partial ones.

Generally speaking you should enter all of the sources. I would clarify that by saying all significant sources. The "best" sources sometimes turn out to be wrong, so having corroborating sources (or even conflicting sources) helps validate your assertions and gives you a sort of evidence trail so you can re-evaluate if something new is turned up, which inevitably it will. I do delete some sources however when better ones are found, particularly if these were derivative sources or undocumented sources like World Family Tree or Ancestral File or some PAF files sent to me by cousin Fred. I also sometimes delete some of the weaker sources when the number of citations for a particular event gets close to double digit. Sometimes enough is enough. I have often wished there were a way to designate certain citations not to print. I want to keep the evidence but I don't always want seven footnotes for every event.
I think this would be a good enhancement for TMG 5.0 -- the ability to exclude certain citations with the equivalent of single or double exclusion markers. For example: some researchers make a point of documenting for the sake of research those sources they examined that turned up nothing. Sure, you could put it in the research log, but that might not be the most accessible place. I would also like to be able to have source citations sortable in the printed report by allowing drag and drop sorting of citations in the tag entry screen.

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