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From: JH&K Whitehead <>
Subject: Re: TMG-L: Value of Sureties (was Last-word Evidence)
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 07:28:43 -0800

The discussion of whether and how to use sureties has been
interesting to this point, but I have a feeling we are beginning to
simply reiterate preferences for particular styles of using TMG. It's
clear that different people use TMG differently, and that affects the
use and value of sureties for them.
There are some who use TMG as their research notebook; they want to
record every lead and hint, as well as their conclusions. For them
sureties are an essential tool for differentiating the various qualities
of information they are storing.
Others use TMG to record and present their confirmed facts and
conclusions; they prefer to keep track of leads and potential facts in
some other way - on paper or in another computer application. For this
group, sureties are of little value because all of the information in
their TMG dataset is deemed to be of high quality.
And of course many people use a mixed approach, keeping some
tentative information in TMG and some in other places. They will find
sureties useful in varying degrees.
I don't feel that there's any need to reach a definitive conclusion
on the usefulness of sureties. The value of the discussion is in giving
people the information to choose what approach fits their own needs.

John Whitehead

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