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Subject: Re: TMG-L: Last-word Evidence
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 10:52:34 EST


What I meant was that I've been told that the Board for Certification of
Genealogists decided to abandon the term, "preponderance of evidence", I
believe in 1997, because they believed that it was a legal term meaning that
the evidence was a low standard of proof. I have heard a couple of
genealogists speak to this issue at conferences.

My own personal opinion, though, is that I still like to use this
idea/phrase, for lack of a better phrase, when I don't have absolute proof of
a fact. Although this evidence would not pass muster for proof for a lineage
society, I often can find enough evidence to pretty much convince me of
something, especially in the South, where there were so many burned records
and where sometimes marriage records did not even exist at any government

In a message dated 01/17/2000 1:34:25 AM Eastern Standard Time,

<< Frankie Liles wrote:

> I didn't think that the term, "preponderance of evidence", was supposed to
be used anymore?

Preponderance: a superiority in weight, power, importance, or strength.
I am not a lawyer, so I use the word only in its "normal" definition.
All I meant was: consider all the evidence, weighing each according to its
strengths and weaknesses, and see what direction it all generally points to .
. .
But I stand corrected. Seems every word in the language is being politically
corrected these days.

Stuart Armstrong

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