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From: <>
Subject: TMG-L: Re: Family Group Sheet - Wish List + Me Too
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 13:39:18 -0600

I wrote:
>>Allow the "blank page option" to optionally include
>>information presently known as well as other tag types.

Lee Hoffman wrote:
>If you want to include presently know information, isn't this
>negating the idea of the "blank page option"?
>At least it seems so to me.

No, there are many times when I have a name and birth date or name, birth
date, and spouse and that is all. Rather than creating a blank page and
then manually adding the information, have the program do it

Also when you send the FGS report to have someone verify your recorded
information, being able to generate additional missing tag lines (tag
types your choice) in addition to BMDB as well a few extra blank children
would be helpful.

For full details on this see my October post titled "Recommendation:
Revised Blank FG and ID Report".

What you have here is a third type reporting capability: 1, FGS, 2, blank
FGS and 3, combined blank and FGS with "user defined blank tags when

I wrote:
>>Controlling the suppression of details for living people"
>>option. The majority of my family concur to the printing
>>of details even though they remain living. On the other
>>hand, there are some families which wish for their
>>information to remain private. Seems that it is all or nothing.
>>That is, you can either suppress details for ALL living
>>people or not, there is no in between.

Lee Hoffman wrote:
>You can set the Living Flag to Y for those that you don't want details
>print and to N for that you do.

If you do this, you loose the meaning of the flag. It no longer means
as defined on page 168, "Is the person living at this time?" but now
carries the meaning "suppress details for living people" flag. How about
more settings for the Living Flag", "Y" or "N" or "1" or "2" where "Y" =
yes and do not print, "N" = no and print, "1" = yes and print and "2" -
no and do not print. I would prefer to have a separate flag for
"control printing/export" so we don't adulterate the meaning of the word

Donald Schulteis
Living in Dallas, Texas
Born in Germantown, Wisconsin
Ancestors from: Rheinbach, Rhineland; Vollmau, Bohemia; Kemnath, Bavaria
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