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From: Bud Dorr <>
Subject: Re: TMG-L: Suggestions for NEVER MARRIED and NO ISSUE
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 19:21:06 -0500

I can see I shouldn't have made such a general statement without explaining
further. Custom tags can be GEDCOMed if one defines them in the transfer
process. Lee Hoffman stated: "When creating the Custom tag, be sure to enter
a_valid_ GEDCOM label (see Appendix D of the TMG User Guide, p. 321-322) and
they will export." I should have stated that if one doesn't go to this trouble
to identify all the custom tags and provide GEDCOM labels for them, the
information will probably be dumped into notes. This is one reason I have used
the existing tags, to avoid having to do that. After all, if the information
prints nicely, it doesn't matter how it is entered (I think).

Bud Dorr

Linda Lawhon wrote:
> I am not seeing this but maybe I am doing something wrong. I created
> a custom tag by selecting the will tag, then selection New -- I then
> called the new tag Will Txt. The GEDCOM name is WILL and the tag
> group = other event. I went to my test person, added a death date, a
> will date (another custom tag), a will recorded ( another custom
> tag), and the custom tag *Will Txt*. I made a two persons GEDCOM,
> opened the same in Notepad. All those tags are there -- with the
> text I entered in the memo field of the tag entry screen.
> I sure hope these custom tags GEDCOM out cause I have used a bunch of
> them. I hope you are not saying they will GEDCOM out but not into
> another program.
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