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From: <>
Subject: TMG-L: Re: tmg-l-digest V3 #932
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 09:29:58 EST

<< I'll also reiterate my long standing desire for a secondary Name for
the Subject that could be used throughout various reports. I like to
keep the Subject name as the "birth name", but if John Henry Jones, Jr was
always known as Hank or JR, there is currently no direct way to refer to
either of these names using a sentence variable >>

I usually don't like "me too"s but I have to agree with this one. In
particular this would be useful when the person achieves a degree or
religious distinction. While my great uncle was always known as 'Father
George' it sounds silly to have him listed as a five year old on a census as
'Father George'

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