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Subject: Re: TMG-L: UK word Evidence
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 10:59:35 EST

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<< We
have become too academic! >>

Thanks for this breath of fresh air!!!!! I read all these messages on TMG-L
and just feel DUMB. I am 70 years old. Over the last 14 years I have been
able to gather info on our family, which has been very very rewarding. I knew
nothing about my family before I started. Most of our family are average
working people, without academic credentials.

My real joy has been 1. sharing this information with those of the family
who are interested. 2. Gaining a real feeling of pride knowing that our
forefathers had a hand in building this great land and knowing that we are

My real desire is to put my work down in a form that can be passed on to
future generations and make it enjoyable to read, so they will too get
interested and will grasp this PRIDE in our ancestors.

We appreciate the work that you "heavy academia"put into the science of
We would be lost without the good software programs you are building for us
"common" folk .

I think the real growth in genealogy comes about because there are so many of
us common folk who have never known " who were were" and we are thrilled to
be able to fill this void in our identificaton.

Thanks for all the fine software programs, I really do not use near all the
features of TMG but I love it because it gives me the vehicle to get to my


Joe Miller,
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