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Subject: Re: TMG-L: UK word Evidence
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 11:59:27 EST

In a message dated 01/22/2000 7:57:50 AM Central Standard Time,

> You have brought ups something that I feel is hurting modern genealogy. We
> have become too academic! I say this from the viewpoint of a college
> professor. I heard recently that genealogy is the second largest hobby. I
> suspect the average modern genealogist are non-academic, at least in the
> language and history fields.

Allow me one small disagreement. Genealogy in itself is not the second most
popular hobby - Family History is. There is a subtle but very distinct

Genealogists are not interested in the story of a person's life but rather
in the tracing and documenting of a particular bloodline ( thus negating the
need to trace adoptive children, where someone attended school, what
illnesses they had, etc).

Family Historians are interested in getting all info possible on a particular

This is not to say that one is better than the other - just that there are
two different goals. Until this is recognized and tools developed for each,
along with standards for each, there will be confusion and mayhem as each
goal is trying to be obtained.

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