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From: "Ken Nelson" <>
Subject: Re: TMG-L: Mills Templates
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 16:19:46 -0500

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From: Bob Mallett <>

>Does anyone use the Mills templates exactly as they are?
I doubt if even Mills uses the templates exactly as they are!! <G> In fact I
doubt if she uses the patterns exactly as they are in her book all of the
time. These TMG templates are templates that Bob Velke constructed based
upon Evidence. Elizabeth did not have a hand in their construction.
Any manual such as Evidence is a display of citation patterns. Because of
the complexity of citations, the pattern is what is important and not the
legalistic letter of the law. The bottom line is whether someone else 10-15
years hence can find the sources you have used and where in that source you
got your info.
>I have purchased Evidence! . . . , and now understand what the templates
>trying to achieve, but it seems to me they are much too specific. I'm
>looking at "Census, Federal, Filmed", for instance, and there is a field
>"Household" and also for "Record Info" which is the lowest one can go in
>terms of detail in the census. If I follow this template then if I have 3
>families in a given municipality in a census for a given year I will have 3
>"Master Sources" where one would suffice, with the specific details of each
>family put into the CD of the specific citation
I agree with this. In fact, sometimes a census master source, for me will
include household number, other times it is the roll of microfilm that is
the source.

>I realize I can make my own templates, or modify the output of the existing
>ones to use them as I see fit, I'm mostly curious to find out what others
>have done.
In my opinion, if someone accepts the template as LAW they are allowing
themselves to be placed into a genealogical straightjacket that no one ever
intended. The template is an aid to the writing process.
Ken Nelson

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