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From: Allen Mellen <>
Subject: Re: TMG-L: Tags and Flags
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 16:41:05 -0500

Ken Nelson wrote:
>The essence is that a tag involves a whole lots of different kind of
>information around one specific event. i.e. birth, marriage, death, etc. A
>flag involves one piece of information, sex, is he alive or dead,
>birthorder, etc and is usually an either/or situation. At points the
>difference between the two is hairsplitting.
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>From: Emery C. Daly <>
>> Could someone explain simply the difference between Flags and Tags as
>>used in TMG? Is one to be preferred over the other? For example if I want
>>identify all people who never married I see I have a choice of creating a
>>Flag such as MARRIED or using the Num Marr Tag. Which should I use?
>Assuming one has never married, then there would be no marriage tag, so a
>flag such as married would probabbly be appropriate. The caution here is
>that some might say that a person having no marriage tag is criteria enough
>for a filter. While that is true, would you want to include children who die
>in infancy and folks you have no info about except the birth event in your
>filtered group. Sounds like it would be your call on that one.
There are two BIG differences. Sources can be attached to tags, but not to
flags. And tags are exported in GEDCOMS. (The Sex Flag is an exception,
and even that cannot have a source.)
Therefore, it is wise to be cautious about recording data in a flag rather
than a tag.


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