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From: Julie Kidd <>
Subject: TMG-L: Adding news paper articles
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 02:07:05 -0500

Message text written by INTERNET:
>I have several newspaper articles, i.e., death notices, obits, wedding
write-ups, etc. Where should these be inserted: citation details, memos?
How do you handle them? Does Lee Hoffman's Tips include anything on these?

Thanks in advance, Jim Daly, a new TMG user.<

Jim -

It's an individual choice, and an on-going debate here. Personally, I put
the entire text of such items in the memo field.

My choice is to use TMG as a research tool, not merely a place to record my
findings and have it produce a finished product. Consequently, I want all
of my research available at my fingertips. So I put it all in the memo
field. A downside to doing this is that it is there, and prints, in
reports. Some people don't want it there and be able to selectively print
it, but I want it there. I don't intend or desire for my reports to go
straight out of my computer and into print. They are edited first. Heavily.

Others do it differently. You'll just need to decide what your needs and
wants are, and so figure out what works for you.

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