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From: Lee Hoffman/KY <>
Subject: Re: TMG-L: Do you limit relatives in your database?
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 09:13:46 -0500

Benion S. Horton, MD wrote:
>Does anyone place a limit on who does or does not get entered into their
>data? For example, do you only include up to 3rd cousins... I mean, after
>you start seeing 8th cousins, 4 times removed, it seems that the
>relationships are very distant and maybe not substantial.

I have at least one 9th cousin (I've forgotten the remove) in my dataset
and probably more. While the relationships are distant, I also find that
very often those distant cousins turn out to connect to the family on other
ways later on. I have one family that I entered a number of years ago and
decided that I'd not enter some lines. About six months later, I realized
that those line had other connections to another family in my dataset. So
I went back and finished the entry of those lines.

Because of that, do I now enter all lines of a family? Not always, and I'd
be hard-pressed to say why I do some and not others except that it depends
on the family and persons involved. If I think there may be connections
with others in my dataset, I usually enter all persons, but then there is a
little bit of "do I want to go through with the work to enter everyone?"
and sometimes the answer is "no".

The above indicates that persons are entered or not. But in addition to
the two extremes, I sometimes add just names and relationships (i.e., the
bare-bones). Then if I find connections with these persons, I can complete
the entry as needed.

A lot is going to depend on your goals. I am working from the standpoint
that many of my families lived in the same small areas over many years and
thus many inter-marriages made for a situation where many of the residents
were kin to each other. But if you are working on just a single family
line, you may only want your direct ancestors and their siblings.

Hope this helps -

Lee Hoffman/KY
My website: <>;
A user of the best genealogy program, The Master Genealogist (TMG)

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