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From: Steven Chall <>
Subject: Re: TMG-L: Sourcing intuitive information
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 07:05:39 -0600

Some recent comments on recording places whose designations have changed
over time have suggested that you "enter the location as it was at the
time of the event" and follow with a memo that "it is currently known
While I agree with this and used it myself initially, I then realized
that it would be OK if I was going to publish anything soon. If,
however, that information is simply stored in my data set for awhile, it
may need a reassessment if *any* current designation gets changed. Since
I cannot think of a convenient way to alert myself to every potential
change, my memo sentence indicates that the place name changed "as of
whatever date". Anything that changes for the first time will still slip
through the cracks.
Without overburdening ourselves to note the date "we" recorded each
event, tag, flag or whatever, I don't know a can't miss solution. I just
hope it would never be as bad as trying to keep current with telephone
area codes over the past few years<g>.

Steven Chall in Minneapolis, MN =[;-)

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