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From: "Terrence W. Reigel" <>
Subject: Re: TMG_L:Starting out (wasTMG-L: Mills templates)
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 12:22:17 -0500

Maybe this will help.

Tags with dates sort in date order. Tags without dates by default are first (if
you have several, I believe the most recently edited ones are first), but you can
set them to be last as an option. If you have a tag that you want to be in a
particular spot but don't know the date, you can but a date in the "sort date"
field, which will put it in order by that date, but the date will not show
anyplace else.

So now to your question -- the married name tag is generally at or near top
because generally it doesn't have a date entered. I suspect the different order
you see in your own data is because of lack of dates in some of the tags -- check
the sort date field of each tag and I think you will see a pattern. Remember, the
order in which tags are edited seems to effect the order if you have more than
one tag with no date.

I often enter reasonable estimates in the sort date field to control how tags

Hope this helps,

Terry Reigel

Laura Meeks wrote:

> (Here's a is it that the sample database has each woman's
> married name as the first entry in the Person View of that particular
> individual, yet, when I enter a woman's marriage (which *always* occurs
> after her birth) the birth always shows up as the first entry, the married
> name being the second entry, and the marriage info third? If I enter the
> woman's marriage before I enter her birth, it comes out like that of the
> sample database. Usually, though, I don't know _who_ a woman married at
> the time she's first entered.)

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