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From: "Herbert R. Pallesen" <>
Subject: RE:TMG-L:Scandinavian diacriticals-how?or if?
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 11:56:35 -0700

At 01:08 AM 01/26/2000 -0500, you wrote:
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>Does anyone know of a website that has a list of *all* of the alt codes? I
>have found the lower ascii codes, but have never found one that lists the
>upper ones like above.
I made myself a chart (in Word, but you can do in a spreadsheet, too). You
can type in a number, say 0248, then Alt+0248 (x). If you'r ambitious, you
can start at 0128 and go to 0255, and you will find all the special
characters and odd symbols that a regular text font can give you. Numbers
0192 through 0255 are all letters, except for 0215 (W) and 0247 (w). For
most pairs, the lowercase letter has a number 32 higher than its capital.
If you already have a number for a lowercase letter, just subtract 32 and
try that.

Bill J.

This is my two cents worth::

As an individual who has been a silent viewer on this list for almost as
long as the list has been in existence, the question regarding Scandinavian
diacritics is
prompting me to speak up.

I have approx. 95% of my 15,000 person TMG data base of Norwegian ancestry
and have used ASCII and character map means to obtain diacritics. Due to
the fact that I correspond with my Norwegian relatives, edit reports moved
from TMG to Word etc., I have found it convenient to add a Norwegian
keyboard capability to my computer with an icon in the task bar that allows
me to switch between languages with two mouse clicks. I have, at my desk, a
copy of the Norwegian keyboard which can be obtained from a Dos V5
handbook, however since the Norwegian language has only three additional
letters and they are assigned to the lesser used keys on the US keyboard I
find that I leave it in the "NO" (Norwegian) position most of the time when
adding TMG data. I have long forgotten the old ASCII (etc.) character map
If you add additional language keyboards, obtain the icon in the task bar
by checking "Enable indicator on task bar" within the language tab screen.
Just a quick review: Control Panel, Keyboard, Language Tab, Add, Select
Language, Apply -- With a few OK's in there -- you should have it! The "En"
icon on lower right of task bar indicates that there is more than one
language keyboard installed. Click on this icon to bring up your list of
language keyboards and select the language desired. This can be used in
both W 95 & 98. The system I used to obtain this in W 3,+ involved
modifying the Config.sys & Autoexec.bat, but this was cumbersome.

We use this method for Norwegian, German and English, and easily switch
between keyboards.

Good luck!


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