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From: Thomas Kryssbek <>
Subject: TMG-L: Names, Dates, and Places
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 16:15:19 -0700

I've been thinking about this for a while, so I thought I would toss it
out on the list to see what others think of the idea. I realize this
might be wishful thinking, but here goes:

A lot of people say genealogy boils down to just names, dates, and
places! Of course it is much more. I've greatly appreciated TMG and the
things I can do in it, things that most of of could not even conceive of
ten or twenty years ago. In the languages I do research in, I run into
numerous mutations of names which I wish to record. In PAF I recorded
these it in my notes, and in TMG I can do it as well by adding
additional Name-Var Tags, etc.

Because I find this still a bit awkward and the resulting output really
choppy, I've been thinking why does there need to be a different tag for
the name variations? Why can't we just enter a name to each event along
with a date, place, memo, and source citation? To me this would make
much more sense than adding an events tag and a name tag for every
record/event I find. The resulting sentences of the one tag would be
much more readable and less redundant then the two resulting sentences.
I realize that I could get the result I want by inserting the name
variation into the sentence of the baptism, for example. But by putting
the names there, they don't appear in the sort list or indexes.

I have a great-grandfather from Bohemia for whom I have found eight
variations of his given name and twenty-eight [sic] variations or
mutations of his family name (his records are recorded in Czech, German,
Latin, and English, along with the normal variations one would find in
just one language). I would like my output to read somewhat like the

Václav Kusbach was born 27 April 1850 at Stará Pasecnice house 32,
Domazlice, Domazlice, Bohemia. He was baptized as Wenzl Kusbach on 28
April 1850 at Domazlice. As sedlák (peasant farmer) Václav Kusbach he
married Barbora Krinesová, daughter of Matej Krines and Marie Pajdarová,
on 3 August 1875 at Domazlice. He died of chronic myocarditits as James
Kousbaugh on 28 September 1944 at Nahma, Delta, Michigan, USA, age 94.
He was buried as Jacobus Kausbough on 2 October 1944 in St. Andrew
Catholic Cemetery, Nahma, Delta, Michigan, USA.

If each event had a name field(s), then the sentence construction could
take that into account; if no name was entered, then the sentence
construction could call for the primary name, etc., as it does now. This
would make my life--my research--somewhat easier. I mean, TMG already
takes longer time to use; I must admitt, that I get lazy sometimes and
don't enter name variations because of the additional time it takes.

I would like to know what others think of this idea.

Thomas Kryssbek

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