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From: Lee Hoffman/KY <>
Subject: Re: TMG-L: Source list
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 22:23:20 -0500

Delilah S Foster wrote:
>Is there any way to access the tags for which a particular source number
>has been used? If there isn't, then I will have to go through dozens of
>people and tags to find when certain numbered sources were cited.

Generate a List of Citations report with the Focus filter set for the
specific Source Number(s) that you are interested in.

>Also, why are several lists posted every day, often with repetitions? On
>the surname lists I subscribe to, there is usually just one list per day.

I assume that you mean several "digests" per day. I can't say for sure and
Tim Doyle, the listowner would have to field this question. I do know
that the digest is set to be sent when the digest accumulates a certain
number of messages and/or has reached a certain size and/or has been
accumulating messages for a certain amount of time. When one of these
limits is reached (there may be other factors), that digest is closed and

Fot the surname lists to which I'm subscribed, none have the traffic that
TMG-L has. Thus with more traffic, more digests will be transmitted. Back
before Christmas, the traffic here was way down. Just before and after
Christmas, the number of messages bagan increasing significantly. This
happens each year at about the same time for some reason. <g> It also
happens every time there is an upgrade until users learn the program or the
upgrade. Then after a few months, the questions aren't so basic anymore.
Then they start getting a bit harder to answer. Even so, the answer may
be somewhat easy to a user with experience with the program, but the answer
must take into account newer users that might not understand.

Lee Hoffman/KY
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