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From: "Leif B. Kristensen" <>
Subject: Re: TMG-L: Win 2000 Compatibility
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 09:50:21 +0100

On Wed, 26 Jan 2000 22:23:39 -0800, Nedra Dickman Brill
<> wrote:

>Win 2000 is written for 32-bit applications and anything 16-bit is unstable
>at best. I have had several programs that will not run at all or *totally*
>freeze the system, particularly non-MS screen savers. As far of TMG, it
>starts out fine. All works well, information can be entered and edited, and
>you can back-up your files to A:. But, DON'T ever try to back-up a second
>time, even if you exit TMG and re-start it. You first get a message that
>Foxprow caused a General Protection Fault error. You are forced to choose
>close and get the message that Foxprow will close. From here, you cannot
>run anything else, including the Start menu, but rather receive a message
>that Foxprow will not allow this new program to run. In the process of
>trying to get the Task Manager to turn off the system, you always get a
>message that "Win 16 subsystem may be unstable!"

As I ordinarily don't use TMG's own backup method, but rather backup
across my network I hadn't tried this one. I ran a test, and get exactly
the same results as you. However, the only programs that won't run are
TMG itself and other 16-bits applications. There's a real neat and easy
way out of this, though: Right-click on the task bar and choose Task
Manager. Click on the Processes tab. Somewehere on the list you'll find
the ntvdm.exe process, which stands for NT Virtual Device Machine (the
16-bit subsystem of "Windows 2000", which just beneath the surface still
is called NT. Immediately below NTVDM you will usually find Wowexec,
which is NT's 16-bits Windows shell. The first time I tested I also
noticed that tmwgmain.exe and foxw2600.exe were listed, but not the
second time.) Now, just select NTVDM and press the End Process button.
You'll get a warning, just ignore that. Afterwards, everything's back to

I've had no problems running TMG under Win2K apart from the VCF problem
I've mentioned before, and that one may be caused by some other
application. But the backup problem looks like a genuine bug. I'll cc
this message to .

Leif Biberg Kristensen | Network Manager,
Nils Kirkeruds vei 8 B | PC and Genealogy Addict
N-1339 VØYENENGA, NORWAY | Researching Solum, Telemark
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