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From: Lee Hoffman/KY <>
Subject: Re: TMG-L: Wish List/Copy Master Source List Entries
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 08:24:27 -0500

Mary Lou Bailey wrote:
>I would like the ability to "copy" the fields of a source already
>entered in the Master Source List onto a new but similar source. Once I
>have (often laboriously) gotten a source listed just right in the Master
>Source list, it would save alot of effort, and add to consistency, to be
>able to "copy" a given entry, and then just make the minor adjustments
>for the new source.

Yes, this is available now! Click on Tools=>Master Source List on the top
menu to display the Master Source List (MSL). Select the Source that you
want to copy and click on the Copy button. This will make another Source
exactly like the one that you highlighted except that the Source# will be
different. Now just edit that new Source changing it as you need. Be sure
to change the abbreviation so that you may be able to distinguish it from
the original.

You should be aware that this Copy feature is only available when the MSL
is accessed from the main screen top menu. It is not available when you
access the MSL from within a Tag.

Hope this helps -

Lee Hoffman/KY
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