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From: "Cliff & Lynn Watts" <>
Subject: Re: TMG-L: Reports - Excluding a sensitive individual
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 10:15:13 -0500

David Murray asked:

>> I would therefore like, for the present, to be
able exclude from my report prints (especially the indented descendancy
chart, which I like to use as a concise one-page summary) all reference to
that individual and the parent's liaison with his mother. <

>>I know, of course, how to exclude text from memos, etc., but how would I
exclude a person in total? Or will I just have to remove him manually
after printing to a file? <

We have some similar situations, a couple of which are similarly touchy.
Fortunately TMG handles them.

Whether or not a person appears in any descendancy report depends on whether
he/she has *primary* parents. I'm guessing that this is presently the case
for the person you wish to exclude. Bring up his Person View. Click on
Reference, tab down to Father and press *. You'll be asked whether you want
to remove the primary designation. Answer "yes" and that tag will pop up
into the tag box. Repeat the process for the mother.

For clarity in your own later use, you may want to click on the Father tag
and then Event Type, changing the suffix to Ilg to describe more accurately
the relationship. Do this also for the Mother tag.

If you later decide to reverse this process, just click into the narrow
column between Type and Date and press * to make the tag primary again.

Cliff Watts - Written at Westborough, MA

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