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Subject: TMG-L: Re: Global Memo - Word Of Caution
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 09:04:42 -0600

A word of caution here. What I have found is that when you place the [M]
in the sentence, you no longer have control over when the memo field is
to be output. Specifically, under option "Publication Tools > Memos" and
selecting "None", the contents of the memo field will not be output
unless you have the [M] in the sentence and then you cannot "globally"
keep it from being output.

On the other hand, placing the [M] in the sentence removes the semicolon
(;) preceding the memo's contents in the output sentence. It sure would
be nice to have better control over the placement of the semicolon. (Bob
are you listening?)

One other comment, the more information (words) you place in a global
sentence, the more restrictive the sentence becomes for the words then
apply to its every use. Additionally, the extra words in the sentence,
be that a global sentence or a tag's sentence, even though the added
words may be very meaningful, cannot be shared that is, output to GEDCOM.

>Is there a way to add a global menu to a tag?
>I'd like to get my marriage sentence to read:
>[P], <[PAR]>, married <[PO]>, <[PARO]>, <[D]> <[L]>. <[M]>
>The <[M]> would read:
>Issue of the marriage were: blah, blah, blah, etc.

Donald Schulteis
Living in Dallas, Texas; Born in Germantown, Wisconsin
Ancestors from: Rheinbach, Rhineland; Vollmau, Bohemia; Kemnath, Bavaria
Researching: Henseler, Kuchenreuther, Kachelmeyer, Kachelmeier
Odenbrett, Ott, Schulteis, Siegl, Wolf
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