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From: Karla Huebner <>
Subject: Re: TMG-L: Do you limit relatives in your database?
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 14:47:28 -0500

I do the same as Bob Page, more or less. I don't put in slews of unrelated
witnesses, but I'll put in stuff on families of distant in-laws. This is
partly because my families are (or were, anyway) so localized. For example
(as I may have mentioned in the past), I include a family whose daughter
was my grandfather's girlfriend, whose sons were also his friends, and
whose land he later farmed.

Karla Huebner

Message text written by INTERNET:
>I put no limits on who I enter in my database. Any connection that I can
document to one degree or another will allow entry. Even unrelated
to marriages. So you can be a friend of a relative and get into my
;-) With all the capabilities that TMG has to filter who goes into reports
etc, I feel the only constriction I have is hard drive. And after almost
years, my P-150 still has more than 50% of the 3.5 gig HD available. The
reason I do this is the farther back one gets, the more isolated the
populated centers were. And the more marriages there were within the
Also, I enjoy sharing information with others and this gives me more that
might be of help to someone else.

- Bob Page -

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