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From: "Mills" <>
Subject: Re: TMG-L: Do you limit relatives in your database?
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 20:47:27 -0600

Karla wrote:
Karla Huebner wrote:
> I do the same as Bob Page, more or less. I don't put in slews of unrelated
> witnesses, but I'll put in stuff on families of distant in-laws.

Karla, since you were so nice to say "hear, hear" a couple of messages ago
(thank you <g>), I hate raising this question . . . but how do you know a
witness is unrelated when you find a new document and record the info?

It seems to me that this strikes to the heart of one of the best things
databases have to offer -- the ability to record all those
witnesses-with-relationships-not-yet-identified. As we begin to see repeated
references to the same witness-of-no-known-relationship, a little birdie
starts whispering "Kinfolk! Kinfolk! Clue to grandma's maiden name!" And
every time we run across a "new" person in a "new" document, if we've
recorded all those witnesses in the past, then we can quickly run a search
to see if this one has appeared in a family connection before.

We all know that justice is supposed to be based on the premise "innocent
until proven guilty." But I have a lot better luck in genealogy by turning
that around and deeming every associate "guilty (of a relationship) until
proven innocent." <g>


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