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From: David Ward <>
Subject: TMG-L: Change over to TMG ?????
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 16:27:35 +0200

Whilst this message is "addressed" specifically to Hugh Wilding or any TMG
UK user because of their UK connection. anyone else's answer will be
welcome. But first the following:

I began researching my family 9 years ago and started with Family Tree
Maker. Over the years I have stuck mainly with FTM (DOS)v4 because of its
tree capability as well as now having FTW v7.5 both of which I maintain up
to date. The problem for me is that I have never felt comfortable
with this lat(t)er program, there being that something missing(?). And now
I feel my database of names and details needs a more program capable of
absorbing them to the full.

A Dutch friend and fellow amateur TMG genealogist persuaded me to use the
TMG demo to see if I liked the way the program felt - that was over 8
months ago. Recently I joined this forum mainly to get the feel of various
problems which always seem to occur whatever the program.

Not being of American descent or language - no disrespect intended - I have
found a "prpblem" area which occurs in nearly every message sent in this
forum, namely genealogists language. The fact that TMG users use what I
imagine are American terms is natural, but the use of some of them has me
wondering about their UK meaning. Such words as citation and deed(tags),
repository, surety values, source citation etc., etc,.all common genealogy
words but is there a UK equivalent to help understand them better?? I
imagine once I have the program it will all become clear but it would help
if someone knew the translations - if any.

Utrecht NL

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