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From: "Erin L. Cooper" <>
Subject: [TMG] TMG-L: Re: Repository addresses are missing
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2000 22:51:41 -0400
References: <>

Thanks for your reply, Lee. I have spent at least 5 days working on
this problem I'll try to describe what has happened...... I am using
ESMills' source category templates. I have made no changes to my templates
or to the output tab. I have entered 104 sources and attached to each its
About 2 or 3 weeks ago, I printed a Bibliographic LOS with no missing
information. Then I entered another 20 or sources and decided to print
another LOS in the same format. That's when I noticed the new list had
"unknown repository address" listed for EVERY source. I went into the
Master Repository screen to be sure I hadn't done something stupid.
Everything looked fine, so I printed a LOR. Again, all 13 repositories
printed out with complete information. So, I decided I just hit the wrong
format choices when I had printed the LOS. I printed another with the same
results. That's when I started to twitch. <G>
When I look at the source screen (either Master or when I search for one
within the data entry in the Person view) ...... I go to the output tab and
click on the FF, SF, and Bibliography preview tabs and everything is fine.
All information displays without any items being "unknown." Then I go to
LOS and print that in Bibliography format. What to my wondering eyes does
appear? A list of 104 sources with "unknown repository address."
I have detached and reattached all of my repositories. I have deleted
all of my repositories, reentered them, and reattached them to my
sources.....twice. Yes, that took a long time. <g> It doesn't seem to
matter what I do. The screen/output preview area shows all information but
the hard copy shows unknown.
I hope someone can help. TIA.

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