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From: "Elizabeth Richardson" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] endnotes
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 06:30:45 -0800

>To avoid having to figure out anything, my trick for double-sided
printing to
>a printer that doesn't support it is this (details are for Word 97):
>1) Print... > Options... > Check/tick Reverse print order > OK
>2) Print (order): Even pages
>3) OK [this prints all the even pages in reverse order.]
>4) Turn the stack of printed paper around and re-insert it into the
>without altering the order of the pages within the stack [1].
>5) Print... > Options... > Uncheck/untick Reverse print order > OK
>6) Print (order): Odd pages
>7) OK [this prints all the odd pages on the back of the correct even
>and prints any final odd page in the correct place.]
>It's essential to print even pages first, then odd pages, in order to
>automatically with any final odd page. I just remember E comes before
O in
>the alphabet!

Sometimes I have problems visualizing, so pardon me if this sounds
really dumb. I use Word97. When I print in reverse order, which is my
normal print command, the last page prints first so that it is on the
bottom of the stack. Now, if I were turn this stack over to print on the
back of the pages, then the back page of the report would be on top. If
I follow the preceding instructions, it seems to me that I would get,
for example, Page 1 on the front of Page 32. Since this isn't the
desired result, I must be missing something.

Elizabeth Richardson, Ketchikan, Alaska

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