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From: Frank Malaney <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] TMG 4.0a enhancements
Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2000 08:31:36 -0400
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At 02:13 AM 9/6/2000, Connie wrote:
> >(1) Was there ever a list of 4.0a enhancements made to explain all this
>stuff in one place? I can't find such a thing on the WG web site.<
>If you installed 4.0a, there is a file called "changes" and it should be in
>your TMGW directory.

To amplify on Connie's reply a bit. The full file name is
"CHANGES.TXT". It is approximately sixteen pages in length and the first
thirteen pages describe the changes to and the new features which were
added in version 4.0a.

I personally think that reading this file will go a long way to explain
what was added and some of the additional flexibility that these changes
have implemented. (Perhaps someday, TMG may evolve a method of being able
to handle all the information contained in US and foreign censuses in a
clear consistent manner that will give one complete access to all of the
information in those entries without the user having cobble something

With regard to the number of UFT posts, I did a lot of lurking on the list
before I did much posting. I can remember reading a few years ago when I
first got on the Internet, that it was considered 'good manners' to just
read messages for a while before the new subscriber began to post. I just
have the feeling that some ex-UFTer's get the program, install it, and
subscribe to the list on the same day. (I started the changeover in
January when I decided that would eventually do exactly what
they did do in May.) They then import their old UFT file and the first
time, something does not work exactly as they expect, they post first
without reading the changes.txt file, the manual, or just doing a bit of
experimenting with the program.

I am one who is hoping that will be some improvements in the manuals in the
next version with some explanations of "how-to's" for some common
problems. However, the TMG tips on Lee Hoffman's site
( ) does address some of these issues. I think
that every new user (and maybe some old timers as well) should print out
all of the tips on Lee's site, the changes.txt file, the UFT2TMG.PDF (or
UFT2TMG.XLS) file in TMGW directory (Especially, the UFT converts this
one!). They should first read through them, and then put them in a three
ring binders for future use. All this is going to take a couple of days to
a week or so, depending on time constraints. But I felt that it was time
well spent!

I think one of the biggest problems is the difference in terminology
between TMG and UFT. I have noticed that even some persons who are
becoming very familiar with both programs will sometimes call something in
one program with the term from the other one. It might be useful if
someone could define the terms for things in both programs and cross
reference them to the term used in the other program. If they would submit
this information to Lee, perhaps he would post it.

Hopefully, the number of messages will decline dramatically in the next
couple of weeks. Remember, the backorder of 4.0a orders were released and
shipped within about a week period with most being in the first few
days. The really impatient ones (My question is! And I want answer NOW
types) are probably the 'early birds' and they will begin to get up to
speed shortly.


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