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From: Greg Surratt <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Roles Use
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 06:20:02 -0500
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I've created a "*source" tag in the "other" group. For roles, I'm
using some standard items that I hope to find for each person, for
instance, "Grave Found" and "Grave Not Found", "Birth Cert Found" and
"Birth Cert Not Found", etc.

When I find a document or grave marker, I put the same information in
the *source tag with the appropriate role (ie, a birth certificate
will have the birth date and place in both the birth tag and the
*source tag with a role of Birth Certificate Found.)

If I expect a document to be located at a certain place, but cannot
find it, I now make a *source entry with ...Not Found for a role and
enter the date and place I checked. (ie, I have information that
Betty Lou was born in Union County after the time when they started
requiring birth certificates, but the courthouse doesn't have a birth
certificate on file.) Now I won't waste time looking in the same
place for the same documents each time I go to the same place.

What I hope to gain is to document, in an easily retrievable format,
the "negative" results I have in my quest for documentation.

I realize I could do pretty much the same with the regular sources and
tasks, but the reports associated with events are so much more
dynamic. I still use sources, but they have been trimmed down
considerably (remember the discussion about gigantic source lists a
few weeks ago?)

For instance, If I am going to a certain county, I can prepare three
reports (1) a list of all documents I already have, (2) all documents
I looked for and didn't find and (3) all documents I don't have and
haven't looked for, all using the same basic format.


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