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From: Lee Kreider <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Off Topic-Achival printer inks
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2000 15:27:54 -0500
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At 07:12 AM 12/5/00 -0800, you wrote:
>he other figure to take with a grain of salt is the print time. The
>P1000 is rated at up to 8.5 pages per min in colour

Again, these times are for comparison only, and probably only good for
comparing between printers of the same manufacturer. It is my sense that
everyone uses a different standard of measurement.

If you read the fine print in the specifications you will see that the
speed is based upon the 5/15% coverage standard using the "economy" mode
which is substantially faster than either "Normal" or "Best."

>printing it at 2400dpi to 8"x10" you are looking at a real print time of 5
>minutes per page

I'd say that with those specs 5 minutes is pretty darn fast.

>parallel, ECP or USB.

And these seems to vary from system to system. I am using my 895 on USB
and I am of the firm conviction that it is faster than parallel. Other
persons on our forum staff, seem to get better speed with parallel connection.

There are many other factors that affect speed, especially when processing
mamoth files like an 8x10 at 2400 dpi the software and processor may well
have an impact on the feed.

If you have your printer set on "Ordered Printing" it will take longer,
because you file will not start to unspool until the entire file is written.

Lee Kreider
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