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From: "R/J O'Brien" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Re: Research Log
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 16:39:38 -0600
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Your first sentence gives me the impression that you cannot set up a Research
Log in the "Source Definitions Screen, Person View, or Repository Entry
Screen". I find on Page 261-262 of the Reference Manual that you can do all
of those things, plus Tag Entry Screens. If you dig into it, you can set up
a system to do almost anything you want to accomplish. It does require some
planning and organization though. This subject was discussed quite well last
summer and several suggestions were given, plus how they handled their
research with it. I do not profess to understand every aspect, but I
understand the Research Log in TMG is considered one of the best in the
industry. We could obviously use a more detailed description of how to use
it efficiently. On December 8th Lee Hoffman had a very good response about
the use of the Research Log, as have some others earlier. I could forward
you a copy personally if you wish, just let me know you'd like to see some
responses about the Research Log, and I have them saved on my computer as I
have a great interest in learning all I can about his feature.

Richard M. O'Brien

Kevin A Cole wrote:

> I'm in total agreement with Liz Cameron, the Research Log would be 200%
> more useful if you could tie the task to a source, person and repository.
> Most research is tied to people, but when viewing a particular source you
> need a list of all the tasks associated with that source. I use index
> cards for my research log, because of this lacking. I use one card per
> person and preprint them with columns: Date, Source #, Film #, Source
> Description, Results. I can easily sort cards together for the same
> source and I have a running chronology of the research done for each
> person. I'd rather capture all this information in TMG, and the research
> log already has the capability to capture the person, date and results,
> if only I could link the source as well.
> Kevin Cole

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