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From: Torleif Haugødegård <>
Subject: SV: [TMG] Organizing photographs
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001 17:34:17 +0100

> Fra: Mike James [mailto:]
> I have recently started to look at Media Center Plus from
> Jasc (makers of
> Paint Shop Pro).
> It looks promising as you can generate a collection of
> thumbnails from your
> scanned files, and then add comments and keywords.
> The feature I'm particularly interested in is its ability to
> generate a
> series of web pages containing the thumbnails. Apparently the
> html output
> may be customised.
> I wonder if anyone on the list has looked at this program and
> can offer any
> observations?

I've looked at it, yes.
But I found the same features in FOTOSTATION,
and even other downloadable languages than english.

Get a full demoversion at

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