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From: Karon Bosze <>
Subject: OT: Virus Discussions on TMG-L|WasRe: List Administrator (was RE: [TMG] Snow White Virus - FreeVirusScan)
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 17:05:59 -0500
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Hi Richard --

You wrote:

> Should the subject of viruses be on this list? Yes and no. I think
> one message warning the list is good. I would suggest that one person
> who keeps track of what is happening in that area should volunteer
> and, if appointed by the list administrator, warn the TMG-L when a
> new virus is spreading. I am not a candidate for that position but I
> will take it on myself one time and will post a new warning today.
> Should list readers ask questions about viruses on this list? No, I
> don't think they should. However, if someone does, I think that those
> who can help that person should do so by replying. If this starts a
> thread, then that thread should be allowed to run its course. If it
> results in many messages, then it is something that many are
> interested in. When it wears thin, it will die. If the subject is of
> no interest it will die sooner. If it is popular it may last for
> weeks. Let the list administrator and the law of supply and demand
> regulate what is on this list. Don't take on it yourself to police
> the list. If one posts a reminder, that is enough, don't take up the
> "Off Topic" chant. It will only cause harm.

I'm glad to see you didn't leave the list. I've been online for 8 or 9 years
now and I've seen a lot of ruffled feathers. I've been accosted in cyberspace
by perverts and crackpots (some of the latter actually claim to be
genealogists). I've seen somver very nice people cyberstoned for their
words. And I've cyberstoned a few myself. Stick around; enjoy the ride!

All --

I keep up with virus (worm/trojan) discussions (no matter where they occur)
and while I agree that *this* list isn't the place for those discussions, I
do realize that it's going to happen from time to time. This *is* a *BIG*
list. It's also run very liberally. Of the 100+ lists I'm on, this one is in
the top 2% in liberalism (along with GA-ROOTS and ALBARBOUR).

For those who are disburbed by the number of "off topic" discussion, learn
where the DEL<ete> key is. <sigh> I learned a number of years ago. I've been
on this list for a long time, but admit to not having read most of the
messages here for the better part of 4 years. Not because of off topic
subjects necessarily, *just* sheer volume.

Anyway -- for those who want to keep up with Virus discussion *and* want to be
better informed, I *ENCOURAGE* you to join the VIRUS-DISCUSSION-L list at
RootsWeb. (Same subscription inscuctions for it as most of the other lists
here at RootsWeb). Most of the folks there are genealogists like those of us
here. The list administrator is very tolerant. Like any list though, they
occasionally drift "off topic". That's part of the life cycle of a list. It

If Tim thinks it's a good idea to have "new" virus information posted here,
then I would volunteer to be that person. My real work entails information
security, so I *have* to keep up with information on viruses and other
malicious havoc which abounds on the Internet. Again, I don't think that the
focus of this list should be on viruses, but if Tim wants a volunteer to help
with it, I volunteer.

-- Karon

"A genealogy compilation without sources might as well be fiction."
-- Karon M. Bosze, 26 Jan 2000

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