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From: "Kathryn Bassett" <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] TMG Off Topic LDS 1880 census
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 13:43:57 -0700
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It's an everyname index. I couldn't find someone I was looking for, even though
I knew he was in PA, probably in Essex county. I did a search on the son's first
name, in PA, in Essex Co, without the last name filled in. Then I scrolled the
list to the B section (which last name started with), and found the family. The
surname was totally butchered, which is why I never found it in soundex films
(the butchered name has different soundex #), and why searching on the surname
didn't work either. Turns out that dad was listed as F instead of Frank, thought
he rest of the family had their whole names. So, in this case, I had to search
on the child's first name only.

You can also search on state, county, town, and see everyone in alpha order.
Once you find your family, you can click on neighbors and see the original

I LOVE it!

Kathryn Rhinehart Bassett (Pasadena CA)
"Genealogy is my bag" "GH is my soap"

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> Pauline:
> Are you saying that it an extraction of the Soundex or the Actual Census
> record (so that ALL families are included not just those that have children
> under the age of 10)?
> Bonita

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