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From: "R/J O'Brien" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Change of Listowner
Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2001 19:11:35 -0500
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Many Thanks Tim for the confidence in running the list in a very liberal
fashion. Amazingly, it seems to finally get back to the purpose of the list
after sometimes wide diversions from the purpose of the list. You have done
well and deserve a great deal of thanks for you part in developing this list
into one of the helpful mailing lists on the Internet. I have learned a lot
about TMG, that without a list service of this quality, I probably would never
know about it. And the fact that you have turned it over to Lee Hoffman,
further indicates your capacity to choose a very knowledgeable candidate and I
am confident that Lee will do a very credible job, and likely make some changes,
but they will be for the intended betterment of the list service. Thanks again
Tim, and Thanks for you Lee for accepting this responsibility. I hope that we
that participate in this e-mail list will continue to honor your directions and
controls, and be there to assist people in solving their problems, even when the
answer is readily available through one of the Help systems available to them in
the software. I know that I have made the same mistake of asking a questions
that I could have found the answer to by either looking in the Reference Manual,
or the Help Icon in the software.

Richard M. O'Brien
TCMGUG Coordinator.

Lee Hoffman wrote:

> This is just to announce that Tim Doyle has transferred ownership of the
> TMG mailing list to Lee Hoffman. Operation of the list is expected to be
> the same as before under Tim's excellent administration. Thanks a lot, Tim.
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