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From: "Frank and Annechien" <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] OT: - Standards for Archive of Photographs.
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 21:21:00 -0700
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From: Morgan Edward Johnson
>In this article:
>George Morgan describes how he names digital photographs.

I have adopted this system, with a minor modification, but would modify it a
bit more if I had to start over again, as follows.
The first 3 characters for the last name, e.g. MOR for MORGAN, or VTH for
Followed by 2 characters for either two initials, or the first two letters
of the first name if there is only one name.
In 6th place a single digit, to allow for multiple individuals with the same
initials (max. 10). If your database is big enough, you're bound to run
into this situation. If you need more than 10, use alpha codes.
Concluding the 8.3 filename are two digits for a total of 100 pictures per
So, pictures of your humble servant will be vthfj101, vthfj102, etc.
When another FJ shows up, his pics will be vthfj201, vthfj201, etc.
On the side I have a spreadsheet with fields: Filename, Last name, First
Name(s), Caption

By the way, I religiously use lower-case only.
TMG has a habit of forcing all caps when creating reports and web-pages,
followed by the default file naming of my OS, which leaves only the first
character as a capital - a real nuisance when you're creating a web-page (at
least on NT, don't know about win98,ME, etc.). I'm counting on TMG5 to not
mess with forcing upper case, so until then, I suffer.

On TIFF vs. BMP vs. JPG, I find that a JPG, using minimal compression, e.g.
10%, does not significantly decrease quality, but makes a huge difference in
file size.

Frank van Thienen
Vernon, BC Canada

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