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From: Lee Hoffman <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Only some surnames in capitals
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2001 19:45:52 -0400
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Roger Bartlett wrote:
>When I generate a report, some surnames print in all capital letters and
>some with initial caps only. The initial caps treatment seems to be given
>to spouses and their parents. I would like every surname to be all
>caps. I have selected all caps in every place I can find in the report
>configuration. Is there some way to get every name to print all caps?

TMG recommends that you enter all names as they are normally written --
with just the first letter capitalized. I believe that you have the
Surname Caps option selected in the System Configuration Screen
(Tools=>Options from the top menu). This forces all Surnames to display in
all caps on the screen masking whether any have been entered in all
caps. Very likely, any names that you have in all caps were ones
previously entered into a previous program and were imported to TMG that way.

You may choose to have names print normally or in "No caps" (as you have
entered them), in "All Caps", in all caps for the Surname only ("Surname
caps"), or in "All Small Caps" by choosing the desired option in the Report
Definition Screen. Of course, when a name has been entered in all caps (or
was imported that way), TMG cannot change them. However, you may utilize
John Cardinal's TMG Utility to adjust the names so that all will be treated
the same. Even if you prefer names in all caps for some or all reports, I
recommend that you use John program to change the entries such that all
names are entered the same way.

You can download John Cardinal''s TMG Utility from one of two
websites. Both may be accessed from links near the bottom of the TMG Tips
website (URL below).

Hope this helps -

Lee Hoffman/KY
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A user of the best genealogy program, The Master Genealogist (TMG)

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