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From: Richard Brogger <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Suggestion for TMG
Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2001 18:06:22 -0500
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Hi Anne,

I think people who take upon themselves a task as huge as entering
everyone in a bygdebook is special, and you are not doing just one
volume put several. Unless I am misremembering, this is not the
only task you have done that will benefit thousands of genealogists.

John Cardinal is another special person who has given his time to
benefit TMG users. From what I know of TMG Utilities and what
little I know about your data set, I am pretty sure that John's "Set
Sort Dates" utility will save you a lot of work. For most persons,
don't you have a date for at least one event?


Anne Hildrum wrote:
> Hi Richard,
> I don't really think anybody could do much to help out. It is all in
> my one file,
> since all my family comes from these two areas of Norway, and
> entering in everybody in the bygdebooks does two things, make it
> easier
> to help people asking for family in those areas, and establish
> relationships,
> which invariable most of them have some to me.
> I could have at a much earlier date done as people suggested
> put in a sort date everywhere. As you might remember I started
> with FTM and it did put the children in the order I enteered them
> and yep the main view looked better to me. On the other hand
> the colour coding in TMG is such a great plus that's why I switched.
> At the time I switched though I already had about 76.000 people in
> my file, of course there are probably some thousands only that have
> nothing
> but a place of birth, death, wife and children.
> Bygdebooks depending of course on how well they are, are farm and
> family stories from different areas of Norway. Some just covers the
> people
> living on the farms, while others especially the newer ones, covers as
> far as
> they have been found the children and descendants, of course much more
> about
> those living in the area, but give hints to where those who left went.
> Great for
> finding you lost ancestors or their descendants. Some areas have may
> be one book
> of 200 pages, while another area may have 6 volumes of 600 pages each.
> Natuarally
> searching for John Smith (or Ole Olsen) in a file is much easier
> than going through 6 books of
> 600 pages each.
> I am just hoping for TMG 5 to solve the problem with LOP
> then that would at least help some.
> I agree it is basically not such a big problem, it just annoys me
> evertime I
> see marriage and then the birth date on the screen., or a death and
> then a birthdate.
> and I would have preferred the program to at least put those three in
> an order.
> Yep I know people have lots of other stuff, and where should they put
> them.
> As you said earlier Bob really needs to make a spesific program for
> each and everyone
> of us, shame on him for not having done that already ;)
> Anne

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