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From: Bill Reque <>
Subject: [TMG] Norwegian data entry
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 15:02:38 -0700

The main problem with Norwegian farm names is that while [IMHO] they
should always be treated as surnames [and never suffixes, which can't be
searched] they do not always descend in the same manner as do "English"
family surnames but often appear as if the husband has taken his bride's
surname, when in fact, all he has done to is to move to her property.
Since everyone is entitled to [his father's] patronymic, it should be
used as a surname in the absence of either a farm name or other surname.
If he/she HAS a surname, the patronymic should be inserted as a middle
name. I basically use the name[s] as used by the person.
If you see a female with a male patronymic [sen, son, ssøn] you are
dealing with an error or probably an immigrant.
Since Norway has a number of languages, spellings may vary.
Bill Reque

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