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From: Richard Brogger <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] OT:best image editing software for genealogy?
Date: Sat, 03 Nov 2001 12:47:17 -0600
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Jeff wrote:
> I need software recommendations for scanned photo labeling and storage
> as a TMG external exhibit.
> I want to store, in TMG external exhibits, family reunion photos from
> the late 1800's. I want to identify all of the participants, probably
> by annotating the people with a number or initials on their chest and a
> list of correlating names at the bottom.
> I would want to store the whole thing as one file (not a separate file),
> probably jpg or whatever will have the least chance of being obsolete
> and unreadable in the future. Fifty years from now I want people to be
> able to know who is who on scanned reunion photos.
> Any tips?
> Thanks,
> Jeff
Hi Jeff,

Have you looked at Slideshow Manager in FTST? If I have a group shot
of say 10 people, I duplicate the slide ten times. On each slide I
place a small flashing frame on a persons chest or just above their
head and in the description I give that person's name, dates, etc. If
you want to add even more information, an audio file can be added to
the first slide and play as all ten slides are shown. The duration
for each slide can be set so that image and narration are

I tried attaching a slideshow as an OLE Exhibit in TMG 4.0d and failed
but maybe some more experimenting will make it work. If nothing else,
we can hope that a slideshow can be an exhibit in TMG5.

I am not sure of your meaning when you say "as one file (not a
separate file)". It would seem that one slideshow folder might meet
your needs. I suggest making a test slideshow and experimenting with
OLE to attach the slideshow as an exhibit. If you find a way to make
a slideshow an exhibit, that opens the door to some other interesting
possiblities, such as having multiple sub-slideshows in a main

Richard Brogger

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