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From: Linda Lawhon <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Some Advice - Copies of Vital Records
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 14:29:51 -0600
In-Reply-To: <>

>All hobbies cost money. I fail to see why you would pay several thousand
>dollars for a computer, another hundred for TMG, even more for a digital
>camera and a scanner, and then refuse to pay for Great Grandpa's death
>certificate. Just my opinion. <G>

I think this is comparing apples and oranges. If the person is in my
direct line, such as Great Grandpa, then, sure I would want his death
certificate. But at the same time I don't want to lay out the cash for
obtaining copies for 146 second cousins- all younger than me. Yes, if I
lived near them and if I, in fact, corresponded with them, I might ask if I
could have a copy if they so desired to share the info. At the same time, I
really have no desire to do this. I have ordered as many
death/birth/marriage cert in my direct line that I could locate. As Donald
said, sometimes one has to search further. My g grandfather's death
certificate is not worth the paper it is printed on. About the only factual
statements are his name, his date of death, and the doctors signature. The
deponent was a friend of his who most obviously had no knowledge of the
family. So, my workaround was to order the death certificate of his
brother -- the deponent was his nephew and the information given was
factual. Then by proving that he was my g grandfather's brother, I could
use Uncle Frank's death certificate as a source for their parents.

Yep, genealogy is expensive but I would rather spend my bucks documenting
my direct line people and close family rather than spending thousands of
bucks obtaining the birth certs of each and every distant cousin I
have. Just my opinon. <GG>

As to the death certificate where the deponent gave his parents rather than
those of the deceased -- I have the death certificate of my g grandfather.
The doctor and deponent was my grandfather. Where it asked for the
parent's name -- he put "Dead". GRRRRR.


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