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From: Lee Hoffman <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Index Codes
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2002 09:43:57 -0500
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Linda Lawhon wrote:
>Lee wrote:
>>You will need to index anything (names, places, whatever) in the Memo
>>field that you want indexed. If you have someone entered in your data
>>set and also happen to name them in a Memo field (and want the Memo field
>>entry indexed), you will need to enter the Index codes in the Memo field.
>Don't you have to be sure and edit the standard "Code Index" to match the
>kind of indices created in the *rest* of TMG? For example -- if you just
>use the Codes>Index you get this entry: [INDEX:] Wm Gideons[:INDEX]. The
>code created for each person and place in your database would be:
>{XE"People:Mitchell:Solomon (1759-1839)"} and for places:
>{XE "Places:North Carolina"}
>My question -- as I have not done indexing in memos (much to my shame) --
>if you do not use the people/place coding, where in the created indices do
>the people and places just using [Index:] fall? Would people and places be
>put in an additional *no name* index?

Yes. As I noted in an earlier message yesterday, you need to compare the
result of your index codes to ensure that the entry falls into the right
area of your report index. Unfortunately, this is not well-documented (and
I haven't had time to post anything on TMG Tips about it. But it is not
hard to determine the entries needed by just generating a short report for
your word processor and viewing the index entries there. This mean that
you need to display the hidden codes. I think WordPerfect uses the Show
Code menu option to display these. For MS/Word, one has to choose
Tools=>Options and select Hidden Text under Formatting Marks. For others,
I am unsure. In any case, just look at some of the other index entries and
go back to TMG and make the Memo entries similar. It isn't hard to
do. After you check the first couple of these, you will probably remember
the proper format and can just enter the correct form.

I'll see if I can't post an article on this on TMG Tips in the next day or so.

Hope this helps -

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